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We use Gorilla Tape mats for many instances in our clinic including epsom salt poultice wraps, frog pad support, or to protect your horse’s foot if they pull a shoe until your farrier can get it reattached.

In this video, Dr. Pendleton will show you how to make a simple Gorilla Tape mat that can be used in many different circumstances..

There are many different techniques for soaking a foot abscess. Rather than standing in a bucket of water for an extended amount of time, or wrapping a tight diaper around the fetlock and causing larger issues, Dr. Pendleton’s epsom salt poultice wrap technique is simple, safe, and cuts back on the amount of time that the horse has to stand in the bucket.

In this video, Dr. Pendleton demonstrates how to pack a horse’s foot with epsom salt, wrap it with a Gorilla Tape mat, and then soak it in a much more effective manner.

Frog pads can be used to increase weight bearing surface to a foot that may be painful due to instability. A taped on frog pad is a short term solution until your horse can be seen by a farrier and/or veterinarian.

Dr. Pendleton discusses the correct material and proper shape of the temporary frog pad, and how to attach it using a Gorilla Tape mat.


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