High-Level Equine Podiatry Expertise

A Versatile Approach to Podiatry

Dr. Pendleton brings a unique perspective to his practice by being one of only seven people worldwide to be both a Certified Journeyman Farrier and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Becoming a CJF in 2000 gave him 10+ years of experience practicing high level farrier skills before diving into the world of veterinary medicine. Now, since obtaining his DVM in 2013, his combined experience in both aspects allows him to fully evaluate and understand equine podiatry in a way that many stand-alone vets or farriers are unable to do.

The skills that Dr. Pendleton has attained in his practice as a farrier together with his veterinary training make him among the most versatile performance equine practitioners. He is able to both mechanically and medically treat patients in an effort to achieve their maximum potential.

Podiatry Services

Through podiatry examinations with gait analysis, Dr. Pendleton can develop a shoeing plan that complements a patient’s specific needs. With this information Dr. Pendleton can perform the shoeing procedure himself and/or guide the horse’s regular farrier through the process.

Most common equine podiatry cases at HandforgedVet:

  • Laminitis (medical and mechanical management)
  • Hoofwall distortions
  • Mismatched feet
  • Management of conformational defects
  • Objective gait analysis for lameness diagnosis or to reach top performance potential
  • Lameness referrals
  • Routine farriery of high level performance horses