Pre-Purchase Exams

HandforgedVet provides you with the unique opportunity to have both an equine veterinarian and farrier on site at the pre-purchase exam. Dr. Pendleton will perform a dynamic exam that objectively evaluates the condition of the horse at that time..

Pre-purchase evaluations can include:

  • Medical assessment of major organ systems
  • Gait Analysis
  • Flexion Tests
  • Shoeing assessment
  • +/- Digital X-rays
  • +/- Ultrasound Images
  • +/- Blood Work

The pre-purchase exam will begin with a standard medical exam as well as a dynamic in-motion exam with flexion tests. Based on his initial findings, Dr. Pendleton will work with you to decide which tools would be best for further diagnostics, and if they are necessary.

Our pre-purchase exams provide an in-depth look at the overall health and soundness of the horse at that time. This information along with the horse’s intended use and future work load will help you to make an informed decision.