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Dr. Adam PendletonDr. Adam Pendleton is uniquely qualified to treat the podiatric and veterinary needs of your performance horse. His practice is built on a strong foundation in farriery and podiatry, with an understanding that many performance horse medical issues stem from problems with the feet.

From there he studied veterinary medicine at The Ohio State University and sought out extensive hands-on learning environments in the United States and overseas. Along the way he was mentored by some of the most respected equine medical professionals in the world.

The best hands for your performance horse’s feet

Today, Dr. Pendleton’s clinic in Marblehead, Ohio reflects his lifelong vision of bridging the gap between podiatry and veterinary medicine for performance horses. He’s earned the reputation of being the go-to medical professional for athletic horses in Ohio and throughout the Midwest.

In addition to his well-equipped clinic, he maintains a field ambulatory practice with many of the same capabilities.


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