Adam Pendleton, DVM CJF

Dr. Adam Pendleton DVM, CJF is the founder of HandforgedVet in Marblehead, Ohio and is devoted to podiatry, lameness and performance-related medicine. Contributing to national and international speaking engagements spanning from Fulton, MO, to the Netherlands, Dr. Pendleton is only the 7th person in the world to obtain the distinctions of both Veterinarian and Certified Journeyman Farrier. As a CJF of 22 years, he has been recognized at the American Farrier’s Association National Forging and Horseshoeing Competition with top-10 honors; the only Veterinarian to do so. Today, Dr. Pendleton’s clinic reflects his vision of bridging the gap between podiatry and veterinary medicine for performance horses.

Equine-specific Veterinary Practice

HandforgedVet is a 100% equine-focused practice that specializes in performance horse medicine and podiatry.