Farrier Services

Hand-making every shoe we put on

Dr. Adam Pendleton has carved out his own niche by being one of the few certified journeyman farriers and equine veterinarians in the country. He’s been shoeing horses since he was a young teenager, an art form he learned from his father. It’s an art form he still practices, hand-making all the shoes he puts on his performance horse patients.

What is a farrier?

A farrier is essentially part-blacksmith and part-foot specialist. They specialize in equine hoof care, performing such tasks as trimming and balancing hooves, as well as shoeing hooves.
Journeymen farriers must be adept at fabricating, adjusting and, in Dr. Pendleton’s case, custom-building shoes, as well as well-trained in the anatomy and physiology of the lower limbs of horses to properly care for their feet.
Dr. Pendleton became a certified farrier at age 15, and after many successful years as a farrier enrolled in The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine to further his knowledge and bridge the gap between veterinary medicine and farriery.


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